Innovative Minds PBL

2nd Grade

Driving Question: How can we, as scientists, identify a real world need and design an innovative solution?


  • 2.4.1  Identify parts of the human body that can be used as tools – like hands for grasping and teeth for cutting and chewing.
  • 2.4.2  Identify technologies developed by humans to meet human needs.  Investigate the limitations of technologies and how they have improved quality of life.
  • 2.4.3  Identify a need and design a simple tool to meet that need.

21st Century Skill: Critical Thinking and Creativity

Project Overview: Inquiry/Need to Know: Students will use critical thinking skills to acknowledge a problem within their own lives. Once the students have identified the problem, they will design a solution and make a “business pitch” of what they’d like to create. Students will be motivated by entry event viewings of Ellen DeGeneres (Innovative kids) and the show Shark Tank. Students could also see tape of Thomas Suarez, a boy who invented apps. Students will then research how kids and scientists have been innovative in solving problems using articles like: Students will pitch their ideas to a panel of business experts to see which was the most creative and innovative!

Authentic Audience: business, inventors, and advertising community members as judges and examples of the design process

Ending Result: Students will design a solution/ invention sketch for a problem in their life. Students will create a business pitch to advertise their invention.

Student Designs


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