Thriving Business PBL

2nd Grade

Driving Question: How can we create a business that is useful and can thrive in Noblesville?


  • 2.3.4. – On a map identify physical features of the local community.
  • 2.3.5 – Identify and describe cultural or human features on a map using map symbols. (Individuals, Society, and Culture)
  • 2.4.8 – Explain that income that people do not spend on goods and services is called savings.

21st Century Skill: Communication and Creativity

Project Overview: Inquiry/Need to Know: Students will be able to research and identify goods and services in our city. Students will go through a class mini economy. Students will think critically about what kind of businesses our city is missing. Students will learn how to make a business plan and pitch.

Authentic Audience: Community Business Partners (Noblesville Chamber of Commerce) and parent volunteers

Ending Result: Students will present their pitch and advertisements on a market research day. On this day, business owners will come to see the businesses and provide students with comments/feedback on student businesses.


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