Chirp, Swoosh, an Author Celebration!

Author: Audrey Lash, Second Grade Teacher.

It’s been a long time since I’ve written. We just wrapped up our showcase / author celebration for our animal project. Our PBL was focused on, “How can we effectively improve the schoolyard habitat so that plants and animals can survive?”

This project involved research on our choice animals, nature walks, April Pulley Sayre read alouds, and collaboration with first grade soil experts. Students had to take on their chosen animals’ perspective. What would it be like to be your animal at our school habitat? How would they survive? How would they thrive in their life cycle? We began to write April Pulley Sayre narrative nonfiction texts to inform our principal and our school of why our specific animal should come back. We tried to prove and visualize how they would survive and we determined which parts of our research was important to share and added that to our stories.

Finally, we shared these stories in an open author celebration. The whole school was invited. Younger and older students voted on which animal they’d like to see come back based on our stories. Here are a few exemplars:

We tallied the votes across our 6 second grade classes. Hummingbirds seemed to win. We will be planting and creating a brand new garden based on our research of these birds with the help of our master gardeners. The students are so very excited! We’re anxious to get our hands dirty!

Checkout our journey in this project. (Past Posts)

IMG_1515 IMG_1516


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